We are looking for innovative business ideas for a chance to WIN $500

We have worked with newcomers and community members for decades. It is always important to us to grow a sense of belonging and inclusivity in the Cowichan Valley, but funding is an on-going challenge for any non-profit.

To mitigate the challenges of funding, CIS may create a social enterprise. Since we are a community-centered organization, we decided to open this challenge up to you!

What is a social enterprise?
Social enterprises are business ventures, usually taken on by non-profit organizations, to contribute to the cultural, social, or environmental wellbeing of society, while earning revenue at the same time. This revenue is not the same kind that would be used in a for-profit business. The income that will be generated through our social enterprise will be funnelled back into our organization and back into the community.

Although we are a Cowichan-based organization, this contest is open to anyone. Deadline to submit is June 18, 2021.

~Youth and students are strongly encouraged to apply~

The Challenge:
Let’s imagine that we have up to $25,000 to invest in a new business venture that will help us reach our mandate. We are asking for business proposals written in 1000 words or less — OR in a creative format, such as a video or powerpoint.

Business specs:

  • Alignment with our vision and values
  • Benefit to our clients
  • Minimal administrative burden
  • High impact in our community & social benefit
  • Profitable and cash impact (not just long-term return on investment)
  • Minimal risk exposure

How to enter:
Submit a brief (roughly 1000 words maximum) business plan in any format (not limited to conventional business plan format. Submissions may be documents, videos, slide shows, etc)

This opportunity is to create the business plan only. The social enterprise will be run by the Cowichan Intercultural Society independently.

Submissions should be sent by email to:
cis@cis-iwc.org. Please reference “Social Enterprise Contest” in subject line.