What is Anti-Racism Awareness Week?

Over the last year there has been an enormous increase in reporting of incidents of racism and hate throughout the province. We all know that the only way we can tackle this problem is to bring it out in the open and talk about it. Raising awareness about racism and hate in our communities is an effective way to fight racism and hate. The Cowichan Intercultural Society has planned some activities that everyone can participate in to foster a sense of belonging and inclusion!

Calling all artists! Youth & adult welcome.

We have a series of art activities planned for this week, including youth art submissions in the theme of

~Art, Diversity and Inclusion~.

We will have free printable colouring pages and activity sheets available on our website, so watch our social media! Adults can also create art to share with us, and we will share on our social media and create a collage of everyone’s art to showcase!

art can be submitted to:

Digital art (scanned photos or digital creations) can be sent to erin@cis-iwc.org. We will create a digital collage with all of the submissions and share it on our website and social media!

Physical submissions can be dropped off at South Cowichan Library in Mill Bay, Ladysmith Library, and Cowichan Library in Duncan. The art will be proudly displayed in their windows.

New resources are available:

The Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network connects more than 50 communities with information, supports and the training needed to respond to, and prevent, future incidents of racism and hate. The Network provides community leadership, knowledge, support and action towards creating a decolonized, anti-racist, equitable and just society.

They also deliver accessible resources for education, community building, dialogue, issues identification, and mobilization throughout British Columbia.

On the website, you will find:

  • Advice for people who are victims or witnesses of racism and hate, including support services and who to call to report a hate crime or incident
  • Video advice on what to do as a bystander is available in 13 languages
  • Learn about our rights and responsibilities under the B.C. Human Rights Code
  • Find tools for examining the roots of systemic racism and the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada.
  • Explore the many books, videos and podcasts that help us all build a greater awareness and find solutions for our community

If you have questions or would like to participate in Anti-Racism Awareness Week in a way that is not listed here, please contact erin@cis-iwc.org.

We are still here for you 😀

We are open!

Please note: we are not accepting drop-ins at this time. To keep up with COVID-19 protocols, please book an appointment.